Daily Prompt : Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

Air Banana Cold Dog Entertainment Flush Girl Hello Impossible Jog Korea Lord Master No Obey Press Quest Request Speak Time Umbrella Venom Winter X-ray Yellow Zip

[Story for Mere Entertainment]

In a cold, cold winter night, a girl was wandering around the street with a yellow coat that seemed to shine in the dark. She was all alone when a boy came jogging to her with an umbrella in his hand. He said hello but the girl wouldn’t reply him back. He stood there in silence for a few minutes before zipping up his winter jacket fully up to his neck almost covering his mouth. He stuck out his hand with the umbrella to her and said “Take this.” That was when the girl looked up to him. She flushed. The boy wasn’t sure if it was because of the cold or because of him but he kept going. “Master won’t change his mind easily. The time is late, so you should go back.” “No. I will stay until he does.” the girl replied. “Actually, master sent me here to send you back home.” the boy said. “I won’t take a step from here until I see Master.” the girl replied. Then, a man in brown robe came walking towards them. The cold wind didn’t seem to bother him. “Now girl, if you so strongly will.” he spoke in a low voice. “Master.” the boy spoke. “You shall go in quest of the golden banana. The golden banana belongs to Lord Gwail living in the deep forest of South Korea. He values his golden banana so much he keeps it in the most inner room of his castle. There is an anaconda, long as a half kilometer and as fierce as a lion. It possesses venom that can kill in less than 3 seconds once you are bitten. Not only that, he has a dog, not an ordinary dog of course. It possesses the ability to make you obey it only by making an eye contact.” He stared at the girl and continued “Can you do that?” “Yes,” the girl replied without hesitation. “Well then, there is no time to waste. Go on!” said Master. “Wait! Let me go with you.” said the boy. “I know a secret about that castle. I know I will be a lot of help.” the boy said. “What is it?” asked the girl. “I will only tell you when you promise you will take me there with you.” said the boy. “Yes, I will, so will you please tell me what the secret is?” the girl urged. “I have heard that you can disable both the anaconda and the dog from hurting you if you press the golden button hidden only where Lord Gwail knows.” the boy said. “Okay, let’s leave now after getting an x-ray check at the nearby hospital.” said the girl. “What for? the boy asked. “I know you have a broken knee. Let’s go have a look and we’ll go on with our adventure.” the girl answered. As they were heading for the hospital, Master stopped them. “Alright, now that I’ve tested your will, you are welcome to join me in the temple.” he said.


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