Daily Prompt : Musical


What role does music play in your life?

Music plays a very big role in my life… or so I think because I need music in my daily life.

Every morning in the shower, I need to play music in the bathroom. First, I played songs so I have an estimation of how many minutes I took to shower and sometimes to warn myself when I’m taking too much time. However, turning on music in the morning shower became a habit and I don’t go into shower without my phone even when the phone needs to be charging or even when I’m late. Now I’m not even cautious about how many songs had passed.

I need music not only in my morning shower but also when I study. When the surrounding is too noisy or I cannot concentrate at home when I study, I turn on songs without lyrics. When I listen to songs with Korean or English lyrics, I start to lose focus and end up listening to the song instead of studying. I read that when you’re listening to music while studying, the perfect volume is to turn the volume loud enough to block out surrounding sounds but not too loud that the music is all you hear. Music had been a great helper and companion in my studies. I remember during the latest exam, I went to the library to study for the next exam. First few minutes were very silent, but then group of students started packing in and the library became as loud as the school cafeteria. There, I pulled out my earphones and tuned in to Studio Ghibli Music Box Collection. I downloaded it just for studying. It’s an audio file of many different Miyazaki’s music in his animations. They have no lyrics and are so nice to listen to.

Other than showering and studying, I listen to music for entertainment. Singing in the karaoke is one of my favorite ways to release stress and enjoy!

I’m sure everyone in this generation loves music. Music is everywhere! ❤

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