Daily Prompt : Secret Santa

Secret Santa

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?
Without any hesitations, I’d give one present to one of my parents because I know the benefit will come back to me since they’re my parents. I’d send them a box full of dollar bills. I know I’ll get a share!
I know people say money cannot buy happiness and I know why they say it, but I’m sure my parents will spend the money wisely and not for short-term happiness such as shopping for luxuries with it. They’d probably (I very much hope) they share a portion of the money to me and my sister to enjoy the unexpected gift! There, I earned myself extra money! Haha.
The thought of giving the gift to the more needy people also came to mind. However, there are thousands, millions of people who are more needy and even if I give them gift, there will be conflicts again, such as fighting over the big amount of money or lavish use of money unnecessarily.
If I am to live forever, I might make different decisions in giving the fortune to. However, I only live once and I wish for the happiness of my family than those who I don’t even know the face or name of. My parents might even donate the money to the unfortunate unlike my pitiless decision. It’s all up to them because I know they will made the best decision.
In the defense of my decision, I remember dad telling me about his dreams while watching a movie. We were watching the movie Atonement and dad told me that his dream was to buy a castle like the one in the movie. I knew it was very impossible because they were an ancient grand castle and I don’t think many people own them but I also felt that I should succeed when I grow up and earn enough money to buy a castle! This secret present might give him hope of pursuing his dream again – buying a castle!

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