Daily Prompt : Wronged Objects

Wronged Objects

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology? (Thanks for suggestion a similar prompt, zaji!)
Oh, this is such a cute prompt! It would be just like in the Disney animation Beauty and the Beast! I had a lot of objects flashing in my mind. “Should I apologize my chair for mushing my butt on it every time?” “No, no. It’s what it is made for. It wouldn’t have any complaints for doing what it’s supposed to do.”

“Should I apologize my fridge for constantly opening and closing its body and going through its guts?” “No, no. Actually, I want an apology from it for having such sturdy doors that I have to swing my body to get it open.”

“Well, then should I apologize my long pillow I capture with my legs every night when I sleep?” “No, no. How nice would it be to feel needed and cuddled every night?”

After all the long thoughts, I ended up with my fan. 20150107_230057 My dear, dear friend who has always been there to keep me cool in the hot sunny weather of Thailand. How rude I must have been to treat you like that. I have used you like a slave, commanding you with my dirty, full-of-bacteria-and-germs feet. I apologize for my impudence of feet use. You must have felt so distressed for having to work your wings when I rudely pressed your buttons with my toes. I beg for forgiveness. I promise to treat you with more respect next time. Yours truly, Young In x

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